Leather upholstery, an appointment that used to be found only in luxury vehicles is now a popular option for many vehicles. As directed in your owner’s manual, leather upholstery requires regular cleaning and protection to retain its look and suppleness and to remove spills, marks and the soiling caused by body oils and perspiration.

Accidents happen. Your DURA-SEAL Leather protection warranty also includes a service plan that covers repairs for incidents of accidental stains or damage to your leather upholstery. Enhancing the resale value of your vehicle.

What stains will be prevented?

  • Lipstick and make-up
  • Dirt, soil and dust
  • Food
  • Perspiration
  • Soft-drinks
  • Soy sauce
  • Red Wine
  • Grease and Oil

  • What are the Other Benefits?

    Your upholstery will stay soft, supple and crack-free for longer. At the same time, it prevents leather from drying and helps maintain its original feel.

    How often do I need to apply it? 

    For total protection, you will need to apply it 2-3 times a year. The DURA-SEAL Leather Care Program comes with the guarantee of enough product for 5 years. Should you run out of the product, Simply call our toll-free phone number and we will courier the product refill.

    Is there a guarantee?

    DURA-SEAL Leather Protection comes with a Lifetime warranty * and has a free customer service phone number nationwide.

    DURA-SEAL Leather Protection

    Leather upholstery, an appointment that used to be found only in luxury cars, has recently become a popular option for most vehicles. Due to the extremes of heat, cold and humidity that occur in cars, leather requires a little extra care and protection.

    With DURA-SEAL Leather Protection, your upholstery will stay soft, supple and crack-resistant for longer because:

    • Dura-Seal prevents leather from drying and cracking and helps it maintain its original feel
    • Assists with removal of everyday soiling and reduces food and drink spills from permanently staining the leather
    • Dura-Seal saves you time cleaning your leather upholstery.

    DURA-SEAL Leather Protection is warranted for life, conditional on the original purchaser still owning the vehicle and includes accidental damage repair.