Leather Guard Leather Cleaner - 250ml

Leather Guard Leather Cleaner is a water-based cleaner specially formulated to clean leather furniture. Leather Guard Leather Cleaner contains a mild mould inhibitor. This gentle cleaner will not affect the leather's original properties or finish and will clean most soiling including water-based stains.

Directions for use:
1. Shake bottle before use.
2. Always test for suitability on a discreet area. Check for colour fastness.
3. Use a light coloured sponge, wet the sponge with clean water and squeeze out. Pour a small amount of Leather Guard Leather Cleaner onto the sponge.
4. Squeeze the sponge to product a white foam.
5. Clean the leather with the sponge using circular motions to lift the dirt from the leather; wipe it with a clean, dry cloth before the foam dries. Repeat the process if necessary.
6. Use a soft bristle brush and cleaner on stubborn areas. 
7. If required, apply Leather Guard Leather Protection Cream to the cleaned areas.