Dura-seal wash’n shine – enhances the shine of your car’s paint and removes road film.

Dura-seal wash’n shine (1 litre) gives superior results when used in conjunction with dura-seal paint protector.

Directions for use:

View washing instructions on www.durasealprotection.co.nz

  1. First wash your car with running water and sponge.
  2. Then fill a clean bucket with hand warm water and put about 30ml (approximately six cap fulls) into the bucket.
  3. With a clean sponge, apply this mixture onto the car.
  4. Rinse with cold running water.
  5. Important: for best results and to avoid water spots, dry your car with chamois or soft towel.

Do not wash you car in direct sunlight or when the paint surface is hot to touch.